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History of custom software development in Atlanta

As we expanded our range, our third office for custom software development, in Atlanta, opened in 2000. Our south region headquarters has become one of the prime sources of custom software development in Atlanta and the surrounding cities and states. Like our other regional offices, the office in Atlanta has established a considerable reach for coordinating custom software development projects.

.NET software development in Atlanta

Business growth exceeding technological capabilities is a hazard of success. When you’re scrambling to find manual help to fill what should be automated roles, it’s time to think about upgrading your technology.

Magenic’s experience in developing custom applications using .NET software development in Atlanta and other regions has helped over 1,000 organizations across the nation. From enterprise clients to government agencies and venture capital startups, we’ve provided Atlanta .NET software development, mobile application development, and other forms of custom software development since 2000.

Atlanta mobile application development

Since 1995, Magenic has served as a premier provider of custom software development. Our five offices cover various regions the country, including the custom software development in Atlanta. Mobile application development in particular has become a strong practice for Magenic. Our mobile application development in Atlanta and other regions includes success stories in and around Android, iPhone, WP7 and Windows Mobile.

Magenic’s true sweet spot within mobile is developing enterprise mobile applications to integrate with both legacy and custom applications to make business a real-time experience. If you’re looking for mobile application development in Atlanta, Magenic can help take your business efficiency to the next level.

Looking for custom software development in Atlanta? Engage Magenic.

Like any other major market, Atlanta custom software development is a competitive field that offers potential buyers a host of choices for technology partners. Few companies can match Magenic’s track record of success and portfolio of satisfied clients. If you’re looking for mobile application development or custom software development in Atlanta and have an enterprise project that needs a proven technology partner – engage Magenic today by filling out our contact form or calling 877.277.1044 with your mission-critical project details.

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