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Expanding Magenic's Reach: Offshore .NET Development

Coming off a successful 2011 and the company’s most successful quarter ever in Q1 2012, Magenic’s leadership prioritized expansion of our development services. That focus has led to a new office in Ann Arbor, Mich. and the acquisition of Manila-based offshore software development company Rivereo.

Magenic Manila – Magenic’s new global office – allows us to offer blended rates that are unparalleled among like-sized organizations in the software development industry.

Magenic national delivery manager Ryan Hanisco has assumed the role of general manager for Magenic Manila. His transition from Minneapolis to Manila brings to our offshore development team a wealth of project governance best practices to ensure that process and guidelines remain paramount across all Magenic locations.

Magenic Manila allows enterprises looking to outsource .NET work to receive the help of one of Microsoft's top onshore partners at rates closer to those of offshore software development companies that don't boast our track record and expertise.

Why the Philippines for Offshore Software Development?

It's become a cliché in the business world; nightmarish stories from offshore software development companies that boasted "too good to be true" rates. Oftentimes these horror stories come from poor communication due to cultural differences, or a lack of transparency once the whole project is shipped offshore.

That's not how Magenic works.

Magenic selected Manila for its global delivery center due to common culture and language. English is the primary language in Manila’s business world, which historically shares with the United States a common approach to software development. This eliminates the communication barriers that have derailed so many offshore software development projects for enterprises doing business in foreign languages.

Magenic's three-tiered delivery model also ensures that the entire project isn't shipped offshore. This allows the business to remain involved as an active participant and keeps the heavy-hitting development work onshore for maximum transparency. Because no project is simply “done” when the software is deployed, leveraging Magenic Manila allows our clients’ expensive, in-house developers to focus on their core business while the Magenic Manila handles ongoing application maintenance.

Engage Magenic Manila for your offshore software needs

It's challenging to find a technology partner with a proven track record that can satisfy mission-critical needs at an affordable rate. Magenic is confident that our integrated agile development model and combination of onsite, onshore and offshore delivery teams make us the ideal fit for enterprise Microsoft, .NET or mobile projects. Engage us today by calling 877.277.1044 or filling out our contact form to learn how Magenic can transform your business.

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