Azure Active Directory – Why You Should Care
The lynchpins of modern hybrid and cloud architectures are security, encryption, and identity.
Categories: Cloud Computing
Tags: Azure , Active Directory , Cloud , WFDS , AD , SSO
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Agile Misconceptions
As you’ve read on this blog before, Magenic’s VP of Consulting Operations John Doucette is well-versed with his knowledge of agile software development.
Categories: Agile
Tags: Agile , Budgeting
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If You’re Not Automated, You’re Not Agile
Agile adoption is a rewarding journey and most companies I encounter are at some stage of that path.
Categories: Agile
Tags: Automation , Agile
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Are you Ready to Bring in a Partner to Help Create a Mobile App?
This is a question that organizations should ask themselves when engaging a partner to help with their mobile initiative.
Categories: Mobile
Tags: Mobile Partner
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Does an MVP Release Make Sense for Your Mobile Initiative?
Over the last several years we talk less and less about building mobile proofs of concept (POCs) and more about producing “minimum viable product” (MVP).
Categories: Mobile
Tags: MVP , POC , Mobile Strategy , UX , Integration , Analytics , Agile , Mobile Development
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How CIOs Make Agile Work
These days, everybody is writing about agile; what it means to them, what it means to their business, and the struggles they have.
Categories: Agile
Tags: Agile , Business , IT
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Mobile Project vs. Mobile Product
Are you thinking about starting a “mobile project” to build an app? Think again—your plan may have a high probability of failure.
Categories: Mobile
Tags: Product , Project , Mobile , Privacy , Security , UX , Integration , Reporting , Digital Strategy , Agile
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“Test Automation is Fragile
I hear it all the time. “Test automation, especially at the User Interface(UI) level, is fragile. Test everything at a lower (business logic) level or wait until the rate of change slows down.” In this blog I want to take a closer look at these statements.
Categories: Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Test Automation , Test Framework , User Interface , Agile
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