Onboarding Made Easy - Habits to Make Mid-Project Onboarding a Breeze (Part 2 of 2)
If all of the information from Part 1 sounds like a lot of work, it can be.
Categories: Custom Application Development, Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Onboarding
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Shoot your Average! A Contrarian Strategy for Winning...
When I was a midshipman in Annapolis, I was a member of the U.S. Naval Academy Pistol Team.
Categories: General
Tags: Leadership , Leadership Development , Coaching
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Onboarding Made Easy – Steps for Prepping your New Resource (Part 1 of 2)
It’s happened to anyone who’s managed or worked on a Software Development project: sometime in the middle a project resource leaves or a new member joins and you – the QA Lead – are left with the need to onboard someone.
Categories: Custom Application Development, Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Onboarding , Tools , Process , Domain
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IoT: The Next Revolution
Over the course of computing history there have been several inflection points where the direction and usage of computers has significantly changed how companies do business.
Categories: Internet of Things
Tags: Internet of Things , IoT , mobile
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Best in Class Consultants or Learning on Your Dime
If the consulting company you are looking at says "yes, we do that" to whatever technology you throw at them, they are probably learning on your dime.
Categories: Magenic Culture, Mobile
Tags: Consulting , Xarmarin , Cordova
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Frictionless Mobile Experiences - and Why They Matter to You
We’ve all now heard how important a great mobile user experience is to customers. But what is a “frictionless” mobile experience?
Categories: Mobile, User Experience
Tags: Frictionless , Mobile , User Experience , Uber , Amazon , Square , Shyp , Domino's , Motion Savvy
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Recognizing Change in Agile Projects
One of the biggest benefits of following an agile methodology like scrum or lean is its ability to react to change and even harness change to drive better business outcomes.
Categories: Agile
Tags: Agile , Product Owner , Backlog Grooming , UX
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Root Cause Analysis - Core Competency
Related to removing impediments is the skill of identifying root causes, typically called Root Cause Analysis (RCA) within the technical world.
Categories: Agile, Custom Application Development
Tags: Root Cause Analysis , Project Manager , Scrum Master
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