Does Your Development Team Have a Skilled Product Owner?
As more and more organizations are move further away from traditional development practices in an effort to become more Agile, they realize the transition isn’t always smooth sailing.
Categories: Agile, Custom Application Development
Tags: Agile , Product Owner
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Maintaining Delivery Speed While Increasing Quality Standards
In the past, pressure was on IT organizations to deliver software with speed.
Categories: Agile, Custom Application Development, Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Agile , Quality Assurance , Testing
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The Evolving SharePoint Landscape: “Don’t Panic” And Bring Your Towel
The fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) surrounding the future of Microsoft’s SharePoint offerings has provoked many anxious watercooler and boardroom conversations in 2015.
Categories: SharePoint
Tags: SharePoint 2013 , SharePoint Online , SharePoint Apps and App Parts , Content and Collaboration , Strategy , Staying Current , Cloud , O365
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Code Reuse Using Interfaces and Shared Projects
I maintain an open source project called Gepsio. Gepsio is a processor and validator for eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) documents. It currently ships as a .NET assembly that developers can use to add XBRL parsing and document validation functionality into their .NET applications.
Categories: Custom Application Development
Tags: Visual Studio 2015 , Interface Design , Shared Projects , XBRL , Gepsio
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Rocking Your Mocks
Up until .NET 4.6, the primary way to create new code at runtime has been to emit IL via the System.Reflection.Emit namespace. This requires deep knowledge of IL, a skill most .NET developers don’t have, and it’s painfully hard to debug emitted assemblies this way as there’s no textural code that’s generated with the assembly.
Categories: Custom Application Development
Tags: .NET , C# , Roslyn , Mocking
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8 Reasons Why You Need Mobile Governance
Starting your enterprise mobile journey often appears deceptively easy.
Categories: Mobile
Tags: MCOE , mobile , governance , mobile strategy , mobile roadmap , mobile journey , standards , privacy , security , architecture , user experience , brand protection , leverage , compliance , integration , KPI , measurement , reporting , program management , technical debt , insight , user centered design , momentum , stakeholders , success criteria , mobile moments , best practices , community of practice , mobile steering commettee , mobile infrastructure , best in class , agile , quality management , mobile development , mobile support
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Icons in User Interface Design: Five Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Icons (Part 2 of 2)
Icons have become a mainstay for interacting with the world around us, and have become especially prevalent in business technology. We see these pictorial representations on computers, phones, signage, and a variety of other items every single day.
Categories: User Experience
Tags: Icons , UX , Design
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Product Owner or Product Manager
I have been really excited to see businesses truly begin to embrace the Product Owner role as they take on agile projects.
Categories: Agile
Tags: Project Management , Product Management , Product Owner
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