The art of maximizing work not done
Using lean and agile principles to eliminate the largest sources of waste within your enterprise.
Categories: Agile
Tags: Leadership and Management , Agile , Collaboration , Education , Project Management , Risk Management
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Tests as a standard
Getting code to compile and execute is just the start -- testing code is a critical part of a project's success
Categories: Custom Application Development, Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Testing , Code , Application Development
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Software QA vs Test - What's in a Name?
Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Testing. In software circles sometimes these terms are used interchangeably.
Categories: Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Quality Assurance , Quality Control , Testing , Quality Engineering
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WWDC 2016: Evolutionary Not Revolutionary
The World Wide Developer Conference for Apple came and went this path month with some notable but not surprising announcements.
Categories: Mobile
Tags: WWDC , WatchOS , iOS10 , Apple , Swift
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A Simple Guide to Assessing Mobile Maturity
“Jim, how do our company’s mobile capabilities rank against our competitors? What do we need to do be the Uber of our industry?”
Categories: Mobile
Tags: Mobile , MVP , Mobile Strategy , UX , Mobile Development
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Record & playback automation: It’s a trap
Critical look at the pros and cons of leveraging record and playback test automation.
Categories: Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Testing , Software
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Harvesting Brain Power – The Gift of Neurodiversity in Tech
As an employee of a company who is conscientious about designing software solutions that are accessible to a wide range of users, I was pleased to attend a Microsoft hosted event May 7th at their Technology Center in Mountain View, California, titled ‘Neurodiversity in the High Tech Workforce.’
Categories: General
Tags: Neurodiversity , SAP
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Angular 2 vs AngularJS 1, Which to Choose?
Since its inception in 2009, AngularJS has become a popular framework in building Single Page Web Application.
Categories: Custom Application Development
Tags: Angular 2 , AngularJS 1 , Javascript
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