Observations from our CIO Customers and “The Business”
I had the opportunity to sit with two different CIO groups at events in New York and Houston in the past couple of weeks and thought I’d share some observations.
Categories: Agile, Custom Application Development, User Experience
Tags: Agile , User Experience , UX , Collaboration , Automation
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Quality Assurance in Continuous Integration
Fast-paced software development and delivery is the key for success in the current consumer driven era of IT. Agile processes, Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Deployment (CD) are major contributors in achieving fast-paced delivery. Maintaining a high quality is the most important piece of delivery. QA assistance with early automated tests, in CI, is the solution for achieving superior quality, called QACI.
Categories: Quality Assurance & Testing
Tags: Continuous Integration , Automated Testing , Continuous Delivery , ROI in Test Automation
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Responsive Design and Bootstrap
With Microsoft embracing Bootstrap in the latest Visual Studio templates, the time has never been better to outline the advantages of using Twitter’s front end framework in your next project.
Categories: Custom Application Development
Tags: Bootstrap , Visual Studio 2013
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Xamarin Forms: PCL vs. Shared Project
The first decision you need to make when creating a new Xamarin Forms project is whether the common code should be kept in a Portable Class Library (PCL) or Shared [code] Project (SP).
Categories: Custom Application Development, Mobile
Tags: Development , Xamarin
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Risky Business
Custom solution development is inherently risky business. At its heart, we build software to solve unique business problems, something that’s never been built before.
Categories: Custom Application Development
Tags: Custom Application Development , Project Management , Risk Management
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Microsoft's Windows 10 Allows You to Run Android and iOS Apps
Today Microsoft made an announcement that Windows 10 will allow Android applications to run in an Android AOSP subsystem. Additionally, Objective-C applications can be compiled and run on Windows 10 as well as universal applications. These announcements, particularly the later, surprised and excited many of us. I've been speaking with a lot of people both inside and outside of Magenic on what all of this means, or could possibly mean, given our limited understanding.
Categories: Custom Application Development, Mobile
Tags: Android , iOS , WIndows 10 , Xamarin
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5 Tips for Product Delivery
We have three core challenges in product delivery: speed, complexity and misalignment. To remain viable and deliver the righ=t value to the customer, we need to transform the way we think and work. As consultants, we often need to coach our clients and help guide them as we participate together as a team. Here are 5 tips to keep in the forefront for greatest success.
Categories: Custom Application Development
Tags: Delivery , Product Delivery , Product Ownership
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What is PII, Really?
What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and why should you care? This seems like an easy question, but like most things that involve U.S. law, the answer is never as easy as it should be.
Categories: Security
Tags: Personally Identifiable Information , PII , Privacy Compliance , Privacy Law , Security
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