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We’re continuing our Blogger’s Digest series where we search through the blogs of Magenic consultants and pull out the best technical posts we can find. No politics, religion, or personal matters here, you get enough of that on Facebook and Twitter. This is to simply give you access to some very useful information from some of the best technical minds in the industry.

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With the upcoming release of Windows 8, Rocky Lhotka has been taking some time to write on the subject. He even took some time to test out an early version of CSLA 4 version 4.5 and share his early findings going from Silverlight to WinRT. Additionally, Rocky dives into the importance of Windows 8 and enterprise application development strategy.

Brent Edwards opens a record for editing in WPF when the DataGridRow is double clicked in his latest post. Because WPF doesn’t support that functionality out-of-the-box, Brent walks through a couple of options.

David Lozzi takes the time to explain using PowerShell to access SharePoint Sites, Users, and Groups. Although basic, it is critical to know in order before diving into more complex SharePoint issues.

Sergey Barskiy summarizes what’s coming up in 2012 for Microsoft Developers. Although Sergey was present at the Microsoft MVP Summit, all of what he writes about is already public knowledge, so, unfortunately, no sneak peeks or insider info. Sorry everyone!

Blogging workhorse, Ted Krueger, whipped out six posts in March. Here’s a look at a few of his favorites:

  • Ted examines Microsoft’s list of deprecated features in SQL Server 2012, and notes that database mirroring is among them. Ted feels that this could be problematic for users of non-enterprise editions of SQL, as AlwaysOn (the new High Availability feature) isn’t available in the standard edition. Ted feels that the listed alternative – log shipping – is not a high availability feature.
  • Ted recently stumbled across a bug in Merge Replication and he uses a problem-solving concept from one of the books he helped author to walk readers through a “Buffer too small” following a COM based conflict resolver error.
  • Ted offers some sage advice with his post on the forgotten art of using what you know. He provides much insight on the importance of learning and utilizing new methods, without abandoning tried and tested old methods.

Steve Hughes shares his insight on why he’s excited about SQL Server 2012. In fact, he couldn’t even contain all his reasons to one post, adding a second edition a few weeks later. Some of Steve’s favorite new features include ColumnStore Indexes, AlwaysOn, Hadoop integration, and improvements to both SSIS and SSAS.

Keep checking back in the future, as we’ll continue to pull together great technical blog posts in the Magenic Blogger’s Digest. With the knowledge and experience they bring to the table, there’s always going to be some useful information they’ll cover.


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