Custom CSLA .NET Development Services

Business applications with CSLA .NET development

Most development frameworks are data- or UI-oriented, but don’t place enough emphasis on business logic. CSLA .NET development is ideal for business application development because its focus is on managing and implementing business logic. Business application development with CSLA .NET provides maximum flexibility in regards to data management and greatly simplifies the creation of premium user interfaces.

CSLA .NET development is ideal for business applications due to the diversity of other technologies which it supports. CSLA 4 is compatible with Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft .NET framework 4.0, Silverlight 4, and Windows Phone 7 (WP7), presenting great flexibility for business application development. The depth of platforms with which CSLA .NET development can work makes it ideal for developing an enterprise business application that needs to integrate with your business systems and feature a robust, intuitive user experience.

Why Magenic for CSLA .NET development?

It’s easy to be an expert in a development framework when its inventor is part of your team. Rockford Lhotka, who created the CSLA .NET development framework, is a vital member of Magenic’s thought leadership team. Lhotka’s intuition and inventiveness embody the traits that Magenic tries to instill in all of its employees, leading to a highly skilled team willing to think outside the box to improve delivery. CSLA is a core part of Magenic’s internal training programs, ensuring that our developers have full knowledge of the framework.

Beyond that, Magenic employs a three-tiered distributed workforce model in which we optimize your project team through a combination of our on-site, on-shore, and offshore resources. Our aim on every project is to minimize risk, budget, and overhead through project-specific teams while maximizing client feedback and adaptation to changing needs through an agile development methodology.

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