Custom Silverlight application development services

Magenic’s distributed workforce model for Silverlight application development

Less experienced technology partners don’t have a firm grasp on the correlation between project risk, resource management, and your budgetary needs. Since 1995, Magenic has developed a three-tiered distributed workforce model for our custom software development projects.

Silverlight application development is no different; we examine your budget, timeline, and mission- critical needs when crafting a project plan for your team. These factors are paramount when composing a team of off-shore, on-shore, and on-site resources to maximize efficiency and satisfy your individual needs. We understand that with Silverlight application development (or any other project), no two clients will have identical needs and risk factors. That’s why Magenic makes certain that each client gets a team of resources carved out for that specific project.

Silverlight 5 business application development services

How can Silverlight application development help your business? Silverlight’s two greatest benefits to enterprise businesses are line-of-business (LOB) applications and its premium, interactive media experience.

In addition to data integration and its compatibility with .NET and C#, Silverlight application development lends itself to web conferencing and HD video streaming to desktops, browsers, and mobile devices. When coupled with Silverlight’s ease of deployment, Magenic can significantly reduce cost of development. And, as a cross-browser and cross-platform technology, Silverlight is supported on both Windows and Mac. These features make Silverlight applications valuable resources for training and educational materials for your enterprise business team.

LOB applications created by leveraging Silverlight application development offer integration with enterprise databases and systems of records, as well as other systems within your business. Silverlight’s premium media experience allows for a smooth, seamless, intuitive user interface that allows for easy adaptation by your team. Electing to create that user interface with Magenic carries an added bonus.

One of the greatest benefits of working with Magenic for Silverlight application development is Magenic Studios – our in-house UI and UX design team. Magenic Studios specializes in optimizing the user experience by considering human factors throughout the design and development processes. Magenic Studios specializes in creating superior UX that can be adopted by large groups of users. Because Silverlight application development creates separation between the business logic and presentation layer, the collaboration between developer and designer can be maximized and yield a robust enterprise application.

Silverlight development and mobile integration

Mobile technology is the fastest and most competitive field there is. And Windows Phone 7 (WP7), the newest force in the field (and an ideal outlet for Silverlight development) is rising to the occasion faster than most. According to PC World, the research firm IDC has shown that WP7’s application marketplace is growing three times faster than Android’s marketplace when the platform first started out.

Already on AT&T and T-Mobile and set to expand to Verizon Wireless and Sprint in 2011, WP7 will soon be available on all four major U.S. carriers. With the market expanding and applications already in rapid demand, what better use of Silverlight development than to enter the newest, most exciting mobile space on the market?

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