Custom .NET Software Development with an Agile Methodology

Magenic Software Factory - .NET Development

Custom .NET Software Development to Solve Unique Business Needs

There are hundreds of .NET software development companies scattered across the country, and all of them will have their own pitch for selling their services as you make a mission-critical decision for your business.

While there’s a vast network of quality .NET developers at your disposal at all times, few custom .NET development vendors can provide the elite technological capability, extensive track record, and Microsoft-endorsed credentials that Magenic brings to the table.

We understand that budget is a big factor when selecting a vendor for .NET software development and other projects, which is why Magenic employs a distributed workforce model. We optimize your budget by crafting a custom team for your project, using an optimal combination of our onsite, onshore, and offshore resources.

Whether your needs require architects, one dedicated development resource, or a large number of .NET developers to pound out code prior to a strict deadline – Magenic can craft a team to meet your needs while managing budget.

As a member of the official Microsoft Partner Network, Magenic's work in and around custom .NET software development and other Microsoft technologies is backed up by Microsoft themselves in several of their case studies.

Microsoft’s case studies involving Magenic include:

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