Custom BizTalk Development & Consulting with 16 Years of Microsoft Experience

Transforming your business with BizTalk Development

Imagine your business if your team couldn’t interact with one another; the lack of communication would lead to missed deadlines, doubled efforts, overlooked projects, and a frustrated group of individuals moving toward a goal blindly without the help of others.

Is your software really all that different? Business owners who’ve yet to benefit from the power of BizTalk Server development and integration may think a resounding “Yes!” Those who are already leveraging BizTalk’s integration capabilities would likely have a different story, however. Your people can communicate with each other; why shouldn't your software?

For another comparison, think back to life before smartphones, and all of the different technology that has been replaced by a simple device you can hold in the palm of your hand. Then think about reverting to life without one. We find ourselves thinking, “How did I get by without this convenience?”

That’s what BizTalk consulting services can do for a business. By integrating multiple disparate applications and allowing them to talk to one another, business overhead is slashed exponentially. A successful BizTalk architecture can eliminate the need for data entry in multiple systems, automate processes, allow real-time monitoring of mission-critical business processes, and even offer real-world integration through RFID tags, just to name a few benefits.

Odds are, your business has already made a significant investment in the software that gets you through the day-to-day grind. Effective BizTalk development services do more than simply justify their own cost by raising business efficiency; expert BizTalk implementation maximizes ROI on software in which you've already invested.

Why Magenic for BizTalk Consulting & Development?

With over 16 years of experience developing custom Microsoft applications, Magenic not only understands how to best integrate applications, but we’ve seen more scenarios than virtually any BizTalk Server developer or BizTalk architects our clients come across.

One of our most recent successes in and around the BizTalk development sphere include developing a custom SAP ERP system with a BizTalk middleware layer that integrated 13 separate business applications. Shortly before that, Magenic worked with a nationally-recognized online retailer, using our BizTalk integration expertise to successfully integrate multiple business applications into a unique ecommerce platform that managed over 1.2 million SKUs on a daily basis.

Magenic Studios, our in-house user experience and user design team, is well-versed in developing intuitive user experiences on all walks of BizTalk implementation. Our quality assurance and testing team provides clients with peace of mind, knowing that their BizTalk development project is being monitored and tested to deliver the highest quality.

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