Cloud Computing Development with Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing development with enterprise business

What could you do with resources saved by eliminating the overhead required to host, maintain, and expand your enterprise business application? Cloud computing development eliminates the financial and chronological overhead associated with hosting your own application.

Cloud computing development offers a cost-efficient, secure alternative to traditional hardware infrastructures. Rather than managing your on-site infrastructure, cloud computing development allows you to instead concentrate on your core business.

Additionally, cloud computing development eliminates business risk up front due to its scalability and elasticity. When deploying a new application, traditional server costs may be too expensive for the initial user base as your application gains a following. One of the greatest benefits of cloud computing development is that it allows scaling specific to your application’s user base. As your enterprise application expands, scaling to increase server bandwidth is as simple as the push of a button. This level of scalability saves both time and money, as you save on licensing fees, hardware costs, and resources to maintain that hardware.

Several of the most successful businesses and consumer applications leverage cloud computing development, including Netflix and leading Facebook game/application developer Zynga. Services like these are perfect exhibits of how the scalability of cloud computing development is a vastly superior alternative to traditional infrastructures.

Why Magenic and Microsoft Azure for cloud computing development?

Unlike other development shops, Magenic understands that ultimately, the cloud is about users, not about the development itself, but that doesn’t mean development can be neglected. Focusing on the user requires proper development, and that means avoiding pitfalls that can be associated with cloud computing development for the Microsoft Azure platform to attain the best possible user experience. Shortcuts and inexperience will only lead to poor user experience, potentially damaging your business and reputation.

No one knows Microsoft like Magenic, and that includes cloud computing development with Microsoft Azure. Azure features a familiar stack of Microsoft technologies such as the .NET framework and other cloud-specific products, making Magenic’s extensive history of custom application development on the Microsoft platform invaluable. Magenic can decrease operational costs by optimizing for application for Microsoft Azure.

Cloud computing development with Microsoft Azure allows you to move your application closer to customers thanks to Microsoft’s six worldwide data centers. Leveraging Microsoft Azure allows your business to clear the hurdle of creating your own data center overseas. Hiring lawyers for privacy issues with users’ personal data and legal fees are just some of the factors that are avoidable thanks to the convenience of Azure.

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