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Magenic offers best-in-class enterprise mobile enterprise development solutions

Whether it’s developing a standalone mobile app or integrating a legacy system to a more modern technology, Magenic can help. By offering strategy, development, quality assurance, integration, and support, Magenic’s mobile practice can make an impact at any stage of your company’s mobile development lifecycle. Teaming with our in-house user experience practice, Magenic Studios, Magenic is perfectly positioned to be your mobile enterprise development partner.

What sets Magenic’s mobile enterprise development practice apart is our ability to:

  • Provide both B2B and B2C custom solutions
  • Be device and platform agnostic
    • Windows Phone
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Create Native, Hybrid, and Web-based mobile solutions
  • Fully integrate all solutions with existing systems

Magenic can help you with your enterprise mobile needs. If you are interested in talking with us, please contact us or give us a call at 877.277.1044.

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