Nationwide Android Application Development & Integration

Enterprise Android Application Development

If your business hasn’t yet integrated with your team’s mobile life – you’re not allocating your resources properly. Going mobile with Android application development allows your business to become a real-time experience. Google’s open platforms do wonders for businesses all around the world, but why use only a portion of what it has to offer?

An enterprise Android application opens your business up to new possibilities and eliminates overhead while saving time and budget in the long run. Magenic’s history of updating legacy systems and integrating them with newer technologies allows us to guarantee that our Android application development solutions will fit your mission-critical projects.

Android application development allows for mobile devices to interact with the most secure parts of your legacy systems. Your team will be provided with real-time access to current and up-to-the-minute concerns in and around your business.

Android Application Development and User Experience Design

Developing the most practical application in the world doesn’t guarantee anything if it’s too difficult to use. Put another way, a successful Android app requires more than Android application developers; building is only one piece of the puzzle. Creating an intuitive, intelligent user experience is a critical component to Android application development.

One of our benefits for clients is Magenic Studios – an in-house user experience and user interface design team. Magenic Studios’ UI/UX experts focus on human factors such as usability, information architecture, visual design, programming, and quality assurance throughout the development process.

More than strict Android application developers, Magenic prides itself on being an end-to-end Android application development partner. Offering conceptualization, UI/UX design, development, and ongoing maintenance and support, Magenic looks to build full-service partnerships in all of our Android application development endeavors.

Native Android Applications

Spanning multiple manufacturers across all major carriers, Android’s reach is substantial. According to ComScore’s market research, Android edged out the iPhone in Q4 2010 and now holds a 26% market share.

Android application development allows your app to be seen by users across all markets, unlike other mobile platforms that may not be available on all carriers. Additionally, Android application development allows seamless integration with Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and more.

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