Enterprise Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile Application Development

Growing Faster than Android – the Windows Phone 7 Application Marketplace

If you could get into a market that was growing three times faster than the Android App Market when it began, why wouldn’t you? According to the research firm IDC, the Windows Phone 7 (WP7) marketplace reached the 4,000 app plateau in just two months – a mark that took Android Market six months to achieve. The WP7 marketplace has even drawn favorable comparisons to the iPhone app store upon initial launch.

With WP7 set to expand to all major carriers in 2011, Windows Phone 7 application development figures to be a rapidly growing, competitive industry with plenty of media exposure. If you’re considering making a big splash in the market or expanding your current mobile presence to the market’s fastest-growing space, Magenic’s WP7 application development practice is a great place to start.

Whether you’re looking for development of a standalone WP7 application or you need WP7 application integration with your company’s Microsoft systems, engaging Magenic will get your solution on the fast track to reality.

Integrating Windows Phone 7 with your current business

How much does Microsoft drive your business? If your business leans heavily on Microsoft and you need to take your existing systems and processes real-time, Windows Phone 7 application development can elevate your business. Beyond that, Magenic is experienced in developing multiple APIs for a mobile app which can be used to create applications on other platforms.

Two of Magenic’s biggest strengths are our Microsoft expertise and our legacy systems integration practice. Our specialty lies in allowing enterprise systems to work together to streamline business processes and increase efficiency. If you’re looking to make your Microsoft workflow mobile and keep your team in the loop on a real-time basis, Windows Phone 7 application development with Magenic is right for you.

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