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Internal enterprise iPhone application development

How mobile is your business? Can your team do everything from their phone that they can do from their desktop? Failing to optimize in a mobile setting leaves unwanted overhead and a disconnect between real-time events and real-life deadlines; iPhone application development with Magenic can help.

Imagine the increase of efficiency if your team had real-time access to data managed by your SQL server, to your document repository, or to your CRM. Filing expense reports, collaborating on projects, even vital client and prospect data for your sales team while in the field can all be accessed in the palm of your hand. iPhone application development allows for high levels of customization and integration with all of your legacy systems.

External enterprise iPhone application development

Is your web-based service no longer enough for your clients? Developing an enterprise iPhone application can transform your service offerings from a convenience to a competitive advantage. Paying bills, placing orders, updating account information, etc. – features such as these set a business apart when they become real-time events. iPhone application development allows that to become a reality.

Some of the most successful iPhone applications on the market – Facebook, Pandora, Netflix – take successful web-based business models and transition from convenience to competitive advantage by leveraging iPhone application development to make them available 24/7. One of the best features any customer service can offer is real-time availability, and businesses that develop their services into mobile applications reap significant benefits.

Magenic is proficient in other mobile platforms such as Android application development and WP7 application development, though iPhone application development offers a tremendous starting point as the most proven of the markets. As we near the ten-billionth iPhone application download, there’s no doubt that your iPhone app will get you in front of the users you need to take your service to the next level.

Magenic can offer not only an elite level of iPhone application development competence, but also user interface and user experience design via our in-house UI/UX experts – Magenic Studios.

iOS mobile application development
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