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Magenic utilizes Microsoft SharePoint to fulfill your portal & collaboration needs

Many companies that have Microsoft SharePoint aren’t using it to its maximum potential. Some aspects of SharePoint that are often overlooked and underutilized include enterprise search, web platform, business intelligence, enterprise content management, and social networking. Beyond that, Magenic can develop SharePoint solutions that integrate with pre-existing legacy systems or use mobile apps for information distribution beyond the confines of your office.

Developing SharePoint solutions with Magenic will lead to:

  • Customizable, increased tracking, reporting, and analytics
  • Metadata-based search of all your systems (CRM, ERP, SQL, etc.)
  • Compelling, interactive web content (audio, video) for a public-facing web site

Magenic can help you with your portal & collaboration needs. If you are interested in talking with us, please contact us or give us a call at 877.277.1044.

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