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Magenic understands the barriers to innovation companies are facing and can apply the right technology to transform their business.

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The market is too fast to wait for change. With Magenic, work with a team of partners who deliver solutions across the enterprise with both quality and speed. See how we’ve measured success by the numbers.

Applications as unique as your business

A unique problem deserves a unique answer. We can tailor a solution that fits your business best.

Your data should tell a valuable story

You can’t miss the story your data is telling. We can build better connections to capture, consolidate, and report data in a way that works best for you.

Imagine enterprise systems living in harmony

Whether you have apples or oranges, sometimes your systems don’t connect. Our consultants make them play nice.

Your critical systems must be up and operational

Keeping your systems up can sometimes be a headache. We can bear your burden so your teams can focus on bettering your business.


How Much Will My Mobile App Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no simple formula from which to reliably derive and estimate – mobile app development is a distinctly complex undertaking.

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Agile Development & Customer Experience

Get this free Forrester report to learn about Agile development, and how this method delivers better-quality software and a better experience for your customers.

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Turning Digital Challenges into Innovation Opportunities

Today’s unforgiving economic climate, combined with the lightning speed of technology innovation, confronts financial services firms with a multitude of challenges. Many of those challenges can also be seen as opportunities.

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When Magenic was founded in 1995, the business technology marketplace was much, much different. With a leadership team that still includes our founders, we still hold true to the reason the company was created – to solve clients’ business problems with excellent technology. It is that commitment we deliver to our customers which has helped us grow to have offices across the United States and the globe. We only hire expert consultants who want to help make business better overall, and not just to slap on software patches to fix a glitch. This is why we’ve reached the top of the business technology consultant market, and why we look forward to helping you and your business reach its critical goals.

We’re here to help you succeed doing what needs to get done, and doing those things well. Ordinary, run of the mill solutions are fine for ordinary, run of the mill businesses. Magenic pioneers solutions that will transform your business, tackling unique challenges or aggressive goals.

Greg Frankenfield & Paul Fridman, Co-Founders of Magenic

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