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To please consumers who are increasingly demanding more from their banks, brokerages, insurance companies, and other financial companies, leaders in the financial industry must find bold solutions to transform their businesses and stay ahead of the curve. Whether an established multinational financial institution or a fintech startup, all financial industry companies need a partner who can help drive strategic business transformation demanded by market forces while still being able to meet the stringent needs of regulations and business operations.

As consumer demands and expectations of their financial institutions shift, the ability to deliver superior digital products at scale becomes paramount.

– The FINTECH ECOSYSTEM REPORT, BI Intelligence, December 2015

Magenic is experienced in the business challenges faced by financial institutions and has helped many of them solve customer satisfaction, internal operations, and profit-limiting process issues. Our clients are often in need of help to find efficiencies, create new products, retain customers, comply with regulations, and ultimately differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. We build solutions centered on an agile methodology which reduces time to market and overall costs while increasing the possible business impact of any given project.

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With an adaptable team of experts, we don’t limit our solutions to any particular technology. Rather, we deliver custom solutions that fit uniquely and appropriately with the needs of your project. Whatever we build for your company will undoubtedly be developed at the cutting edge.

Growing Bank Doubles Speed to Market.

A San Francisco-based financial services company with more than 700 branches needed to enhance their digital banking functions for their expanding customer base. They needed to streamline their digital services to meet or beat their competitors...

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Industry Leadership

Having built solutions for every part of a financial enterprise, Financial companies have been key partners for Magenic since we were founded. We have committed to the industry by maintaining a close watch on the latest and greatest innovations that help financial firms thrive.

Maximizing Velocity With DevOps Tools.

Through automation, the time to create a set of builds went from a six-hour developer ordeal to a twenty-minute automated workflow. With this effort, Magenic's leadership showed that small changes can make a big impact…

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If you choose to work with Magenic, you’ll experience solutions built to give flexibility without compromising integrity so you will have more opportunities to improve your brand. Our process is customized to your operation to make sure that the project is done right and within any constraint.

Enhancing a Financial Mobile UX.

A leading financial investment firm needed to improve its enterprise mobile presence for its expansive user base. Its mobile web presence didn't offer users a strong enough user experience or any of the advanced functionality demanded by customers

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Why Magenic?

We have had a close relationship with the financial services industry and have spent years helping different companies create strategic business solutions. Because of this, we have dedicated staff to specifically assist our financial services clients.

Our teams have built unique solutions to common problems faced by financial companies that create more cohesive brands and improved experiences for customers and employees. For any project, we differentiate ourselves from other providers by our approach to technology, industry expertise, and process.



With 16 years of Financial Services experience, Heather has consulted with Insurance, Banking, and Wealth Management companies to solve business problems using transformative technologies. From product development to marketing, Heather has held multiple roles in helping established firms and startups adapt to the forces of digital business.

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