Banking solutions supporting the on-demand economy.

Customers want more from their bank. You need to innovate to keep up.

With technology driving the banking market forward, there are new solutions that can change consumer sentiments and build brands in ways that no one could imagine just 10 years ago. With newfound flexibility and accessibility, both retail and business banks can satisfy their target customers with experiences and products that can transform reputations and market share.

Customers want their banking from many places on many devices. Keeping their information secure while providing an easy-to-use experience will contribute to user trust and enhance brand loyalty. By helping banks transform the way they approach digital solutions for their operations and customer experiences, Magenic has become a leader in the space.

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Why Magenic?

Magenic is a company that understands how to build unique solutions to strategic business problems where the solution is driven by technology, and we know how to do them the right way for banks. Your business relies on applications and infrastructure to build business intelligence and keep the business growing, and still keep confidential information secure and in compliance with regulations. It’s about time you worked with a partner who can adapt and scale to deliver exactly what you need and surpass expectations.


Thought Leadership

Banks Going Digital (Almost) All The Way

For banks who have transitioned to digital business, there are difficult barriers to overcome. To become a truly digital bank, you must work through certain steps to fully evolve past the friction…

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Good Guys Emerge in Banking Showdown

The banking market has been shaken up in recent years, resulting in transition at the top. A recent example is from a West Coast regional bank teaming up with an innovative FinTech to create new opportunities…

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Mobile + Desktop

Industry Expertise

Banks and FinTechs Teaming Up For Success

An openness to innovation is creating unique partnerships between traditional banks doing what they do best, and FinTechs who take a cutting edge approach to the marketplace…

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