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Do you want your customers to trust you with their money? You have to give them the experience and solutions that they demand. As mobile and fintechs continue to solidify their role in the industry, you need to innovate past the competition and provide consumers exactly what they are looking for.

With Magenic as a partner, we can help to take advantage of the digital information you possess and create a Big Data strategy that can get the most from it. We have helped wealth management companies of all sizes identify and analyze consumer behaviors to ensure they’re getting the solutions that help them the most.

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Why Magenic?

Magenic is a company that understands how to build unique solutions to strategic business problems where the solution is driven by technology, and we know how build them to benefit wealth management companies. Your business relies on integrated solutions, data management, and advanced applications to satisfy new customer habits and comply with cost and regulatory constraints. Move your business forward in the marketplace by working with a partner who can help you execute at a level beyond the competition.


Thought Leadership

Digital Innovation in FinServ is not as Mature as Firms Think

Magenic teamed with Forrester to measure the results financial services firms are seeing in digital innovation, and the results are telling. Read the report and receive Forrester’s best practice recommendations…

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Industry Leadership

Groundbreaking Investment Planning

The client wished to far surpass the more generalized plans of the past that employed unwieldy, difficult-to-digest spreadsheets.

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Industry Expertise

Wealth Management Gurus Upgrading I.T. to Meet D.O.L. Challenges

The impending “Conflict of Interest” regulation announced by the U.S. Department of Labor has major implications for the wealth management industry. Some companies remain indifferent to the ruling, while savvy firms see opportunity.

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The role of trust in building a better broker relationship

In today’s market the most successful brokers are no longer simply the most knowledgeable or the most profitable. They must also be the most trusted.

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