Does Your Development Team Have a Skilled Product Owner?

OCTOBER 1, 2015 // By Magenic

As more and more organizations move further away from traditional development practices in an effort to become more Agile, they realize the transition isn’t always smooth sailing. Many companies lack the in-house expertise required to successfully navigate the Agile waters without seeking external help. For those that do engage a software vendor that can help implement Agile, it can’t just be a one-way street. In order to fully benefit from partnering with a technology vendor, they need to ensure they have the appropriate people in place. More specifically, they need a skilled product owner.

According to a Forrester research report commissioned by Magenic, a skilled product owner is someone that can be closely involved at all stages of the development lifecycle in order to ensure new applications deliver their full value. [1] Such an important role is required by all IT organizations hoping to achieve Agile success. However, the lack of a skilled product owner was identified in the Forrester research as the chief barrier to successfully adopting Agile.

Adopting agile survey

Without having a competent product owner in place, no matter how experienced your Agile partner is, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

To find out more about adopting Agile in your organization and how to find a skilled product owner, read the entire complimentary Forrester report, “Leverage Agile to Meet Customer Demands and Software Quality Needs.”

[1] full report, page 5.

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