Struggling with Adopting Agile? You’re Not Alone…

OCTOBER 20, 2015 // By Magenic

IT organizations are under a lot of pressure. That pressure revolves around delivering software to their organization under strict deadlines at the beckoning of their customers’ ever-evolving technology needs. That’s no easy feat. As a result, many companies are focusing on adopting Agile into their development environment in an effort to keep up with technology trends, while decreasing development times. But they are quickly discovering that it’s easier said than done.

Companies with traditional approaches to development are finding it difficult to implement Agile for a number of reasons. As you can see in the graphic below, lack of a skilled product owner, lack of automation infrastructure, lack of Agile testing skills, and behavioral change have been identified as four major barriers to successfully adopting Agile. 

Adoptinig Agile survey


So what can business leaders do to overcome these challenges? Well for starters, nearly 40% of business leaders realize they have to look to external resources to help modernize Agile testing capabilities. [1] Utilizing a technology vendor that is adept at Agile can help integrate the processes into an inexperienced development environment. By supplementing development teams with external resources, or “Agile co-sourcing,” companies can effectively fill in any missing gaps they may have internally, while benefitting from the Agile expertise of an outside vendor.

To learn more about the challenges that can be faced when adopting Agile and the steps to take to overcome them, read the exclusive Forrester report, “Leverage Agile to Meet Customer Demands and Software Quality Needs.”

[1] full report, page 5.

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