What is “Agile All the Way Through?”

OCTOBER 12, 2015 // By Magenic

In this day and age of technology, patience has gone out the window. Customers want a solution and they want it now. With customer experience a top priority, companies are trying to deliver software at blinding speed. But generally delivering with speed leads to the quality of software suffering, something that instantly damages the ever-important customer experience. So what can companies do to deliver with speed and quality?

Well for starters, more and more companies are turning to Agile in order to increase their velocity. According to a recent report by Forrester Research, over two-thirds of business leaders are adopting Agile into their software development. [1] That might increase velocity sure, but will it do the same for quality? The reason companies are failing to deliver quality as well is that they aren’t adopting each facet of Agile early enough in the software lifecycle, specifically testing. Forrester also states, only 12% of business leaders acknowledged that testing was done early in the project and in unison with development.

Technical Quality in Applications Survey

Utilizing Agile throughout development doesn’t just include testing early, that’s only a small part of it. 91% of business leaders believe that, in order to get better quality in applications, Agile skills, processes, and technologies need to be integrated early and throughout the development process (see graphic). This leads to a harmonious development system that can deliver quality software early and often. That is why it is essential to adopt Agile all the way through, from start to finish, in order to get speed AND quality.

Now that we understand the importance of adopting Agile early, the question remains: how can it done successfully? Read the complimentary Forrester paper, “Leverage Agile to Meet Customer Demands and Software Quality Needs,” to take the next step to delivering quality software with speed.

[1] magenic.com/qualitywithspeed full report, page 6.

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