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Good applications make user’s lives easier.

The reasons businesses should develop applications are to make experiences and interactions simpler and more accessible to end users who need them. Anything from changing user behavior to new internal requirements can be a reason to seek out an application development partner, and it’s important to find one that makes it work for both your business and the end user. Magenic is that type of partner.

There are a lot of application types and integrating platforms available, and Magenic can help you make the right choice. Our teams have had experience updating legacy applications, simplifying complex systems, and integrating platforms that aren’t built to integrate. We offer a strategic approach that gives you the most valuable end product.

The method of finding a solution to your business problem is something that Magenic excels at. By employing experts who can integrate with your team directly, we work quickly and efficiently to define a course that will meet your strategic objectives. Whether you need a ground-up solution or help salvaging an underperforming application, we can jump in and test solutions in a way that gives you options for success, and not just a prescribed solution that doesn’t align with your business needs.

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Problems solved by applications:

The client’s ultimate goal was creating a suite of applications for multiple physical services. Magenic’s work set up future successes and helped ensure that optimal performance will be achieved the first time.

The marketplace has reached a point where customers of almost every industry demand some sort of mobile presence from businesses. A mobile application can be the differentiator between brands for customer satisfaction, loyalty, and growth. Magenic builds mobile applications for all platforms that take an advanced approach to user experience and can intake or serve information with quality and speed. If your business needs software to drive commerce, your business needs solutions developed to suit a strategic need, not to clamp on to an existing enterprise system just to say it’s there. Magenic can help build a strategy for your scenario and then develop software that can transform the way you do business. Ready to get started?

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Digitally Transforming a paper process

A financial services organization was seeking a standalone digital solution to enable real-time access to both chapters and members.

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How Much Will My Mobile App Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no simple formula from which to reliably derive and estimate – mobile app development is a distinctly complex undertaking.

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Mobile + Desktop

Safety Processes Limiting Productivity

A premier construction service provider for the energy industry was having difficulty making safety audit processing efficient because of a limiting web application. A manual entry process for auditors was a hindrance and they needed a better system overall…

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Using Google Cloud to Host .NET Applications

In modern applications it is a common practice to host code in a cloud environment as well as using services and software that exist in a cloud infrastructure. Google provides a number of features that a .NET developer can use to run their applications within Google Cloud.

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Substandard App Lacking Internal Support

A highly-rated mutual insurance company had a poorly-rated mobile app for their customers. Prior implementation by an inexperienced vendor and little internal resource support meant they needed an overhaul from a partner who could handle it…

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Poor Customer Reviews and Platform Availability

A leading financial firm had an outdated application limited to only one major mobile platform. The account management app was failing to offer the ease of use that would provide proper utility. They needed to make it more usable and accessible…

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Mobile + Desktop

Manual Requests Bogging Down Progress

An industry leader in concrete was in process of centralizing equipment maintenance management through IT for its 30+ brands, however there was still a bottle neck. Manual data entry still had the potential to limit the success of the project…

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Excruciatingly Slow Performance for Medication App

A biomedical tablet application that configured the distribution speed of medication through an implanted pump was unreasonably slow to operate. With lag time on startup and normal use, the application needed major optimization work…

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How to Lift-and-Shift a Line of Business Application onto Google Cloud Platform

Leveraging cloud computing to help gain better agility for their IT infrastructure and applications. 

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