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Your data should tell a valuable story.

Your business depends on data to stay productive, competitive, and profitable.

When company data isn’t telling the story you think it should be, there may be a problem with the infrastructure that manages the data and the systems setup to analyze it. This is where Magenic’s Data & Collaboration services can help.

It is common to have numerous sources gathering data from inside and outside of your company. You need to be able to interpret that data to help inform future decisions that grow and improve the business. When you have enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, mobile applications, and financial reporting to take care of all at once, you need a robust solution to accommodate your dynamic needs.

Data Collaboration Solutions

Magenic will engage directly with your team in a way that fits your operations so that we can quickly understand the issues you’re currently facing and then produce a strategy for a successful solution. Our experts are experienced in delivering data infrastructure technology for companies with complex solutions in variety of unique industries.

If you’re struggling to meet the challenges of storing, processing, and interpreting your data, you can depend on Magenic’s teams to design and develop a big data strategy that works for your business. Business intelligence and tools to service it are a high-powered industry on their own today. Without connections that work or applications that translate the numbers, there is little you can gain from the capabilities you might invest in.

Don’t be one of the 85% of companies who will fail to make use of Big Data this year. – Gartner Inc.

Data Analysis Solutions

To allow your business to make the most informed decisions for the future, you need new tools to visualize data and empower stakeholders faster than ever before. Reports that used to take you weeks to design and create can now be done by the users themselves at the desktop. Our teams can create a firm foundation of IT data modeling coupled with UX design and accommodate any technology requirements you may have.

Magenic’s goal is to provide your company with strategic business insight in a seamless, instant manner. Whether your organization is interested in building a new data warehouse, providing enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities to your internal and external customers, or upgrading your existing “big data” solution, Magenic has the expertise, experience, and breadth of resources to make it happen. Ready to get started?

True data and analytics solutions offer different levels of insight depending upon the needs and priorities of the audience.

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