How to Engage with Us

Never one-size-fits-all, your business deserves a partner who meets your needs.

When starting a project with magenic, clients work closely with our teams.

We want to be sure that they have the right type of team and project plan to ensure a successful engagement.

There are several factors that contribute to these decisions, but most of all, the project timeline and company structure are considered. If you are contemplating a project with Magenic, we encourage you to learn about our engagement and delivery models that have been continuously refined as our business has grown over the past 20 years.

Engagement Model

Flexibility defines our approach to engagements. While decades of experience have helped us develop our preferred engagement model, Magenic Foundation, we can also create a Custom Engagement model when your business requires one. Ultimately, we’ll use the method that works best for your business, not ours.

Magenic Foundation

Magenic’s Foundation model describes how we deliver strategic solutions to our clients. It is our toolbox, our blueprints, and our set of instructions. Leveraging some of the best tools and processes in the industry, Magenic has mastered how to customize them for each unique situation better than anyone else.

Many of our tools come from an Agile framework of software development. Our experience has shown time and time again that, when appropriate, an Agile approach delivers solutions at a much higher quality, and with much faster time-to-market.

Magenic will bring in the right people to understand your situation and analyze what’s happening and what it will take to get the work done. In this sense, Magenic will not bring you a proposal for the final solution, itself. Instead, as your team and our team begin to work together, we can continually measure how the strategy will affect the solution.

Custom Engagement

When your business has procedures and methods that drive projects and that cannot accommodate an Agile framework, our team can develop a more custom plan that fits your needs. There are many cases where businesses have prescribed development practices that must be followed to operate as a partner, and that will not inhibit Magenic from building a successful strategy.

As a team of experienced project managers, expert consultants, and delivery teams committed to scalability and speed , we have resources that fit traditional and unique development models. By working with the best companies in the world in industries of all types, we have become tireless when working to build a successful model, so we can always work with you to create an engagement that drives results.

Core Delivery Process

No matter which engagement model your project requires, our method of delivery will always be based on our Core Delivery Process. The biggest hurdles to project outsourcing are often caused by a lack of clear, pre-defined objectives and deliverables. Over the course of our history, we’ve fine-tuned our delivery method to make sure these hurdles adapt to requirements and don’t interrupt your project.

From kick-off to closure, the Magenic team will keep your project on track, and provide regular status reports for stakeholders and executives. Our experience helps us determine which documents will help your project run smoothly and how to best track and measure deliverables. Our system of continuous risk assessments help us identify concerns and guide you through solutions before it’s too late.

What the Core Delivery Process really provides to our clients is assured quality and speed that is appropriate for the solution. Our teams routinely deliver projects on expedited timelines with superb productivity, and we never settle for good enough. We can only hope that your business is seeking a partner as committed to delivering successful results as we are. Ready to get started?


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