Scalability with Speed

A partner who understands and adapts to the needs of your business.

When you’re seeking a business technology solution, look for a capable partner.

The partner must be flexible to meet your needs and integrate at an appropriate scale, all while providing expert strategic solutions.

You will get all of that with Magenic.

To enable businesses of all types to become more focused on what it is they do best, our teams use their extensive experience to provide the best solutions - even when there may be internal debate or unpopular decisions to be made. It is about time your team found a partner who cares about your business and has the wherewithal to help it improve.


Our approach to flexibility means we engage in the way that works best for your business, not the other way around. We look at each situation individually and build the right team to get the work done. Our distributed workforce of onsite, offsite and off-shore resources allow us to manage costs while creating the best possible team to deliver the strategic solution your business needs.

With teams that can include individual senior consultants or expert implementation teams, your business problem will be accommodated in the way most appropriate to provide successful guidance and support for your organization.


Magenic not only has world-class technical expertise, we also have experts in project management and delivery. Even if you only need a small team on-site, we support them with experienced resources internally so your project is never on an island of its own. Establishing a method of operations that integrates well with your team is one of our key differentiators, ensuring our partnership is a good cultural fit as well as a functional one.

Magenic brought clarity, transparency and teamwork to the project. They changed the culture and communication by educating leaders across the different silos, and implemented a balanced approach to efficiently leverage the different strengths of Onsite, Offsite, and Offshore resources. – Financial Services Business Solution

While having subject matter experts is important on a business-critical project, experience working with certain project types and with specific industries is paramount to success. This experience is also helpful in mitigating risk and maintaining the integrity of your investments. Magenic is committed to having project teams backed by expertise and experience, so that every project is set up for success from the beginning.

Speed & Efficiency

There’s nothing that hurts company morale more than a backlog of projects so large it eliminates the opportunity to stay competitive. Yet with the right strategic partner, your development timelines can be reduced from years to months while still maintaining quality. Velocity doesn’t always mean being the fastest; instead, velocity from Magenic means finding the most appropriate pace for development while maintaining quality and accuracy.

Magenic has an established methodology for delivering software results with velocity that will allow organizations the ability to get projects to market sooner and with success. The methodology is adaptable to the needs of your business, as we customize every engagement to fit timelines, budgets, and capacity requirements. With this approach, Magenic facilitates more productive solutions and makes our clients business’ more likely to succeed.

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