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Transform your business with a new digital strategy.


The first challenge in any project is determining a plan that can drive success. When you need guidance finding a strategy that will help you approach a complex business problem, you can turn to Magenic for help.

Our team has helped companies across industries build strategies that improve how brands approach customer relationships, internal operations, and modernizing their entire operation. After more than 20 years as a strategic partner, we’ve developed a set of techniques which can guide strategy formulation and lead into the creation of effective solutions. Let us help you strategize your crucial digital transformation.

Business Value and Prioritization Workshop

Some of the most common problems businesses face include determining value and priority of each executional step. The Business Value and Prioritization Workshop will help you save time and money by avoiding wasted efforts and following the wrong path.

With a one-day workshop led by one of Magenic’s industry-expert Practice Partners, we can help your team achieve a number of outcomes.

By processing the trade-offs and priority negotiations with a value-first mindset, this exercise can be invaluable to the success of a business solution.


In a world where consumers have increasingly more options, they’re going to work with whoever provides the best solution. Understand who your customer is and the steps they take before making a decision.

Participating in a Journey Mapping exercise with Magenic will help you generate the following results.

The outputs of journey mapping will help you prioritize efforts and provide solutions that will actually help your customer.


Find a better balance between your customer’s needs and your business goals. The product design and innovation workshop drives the “art of the possible”, connecting the product vision to business objectives and charting the strategy that most likely leads to positive business outcomes.

With a two week engagement, optional customer testing and validation, as well as a “Product Owner in a Box”, here are some of the results you’ll see.

This effort will create a clear vision of product strategy and the value it will drive for your business.

Experience Design and Prototyping

With a cohesive strategy in place, you will be best prepared to launch an effective product. After Magenic’s experience design and prototyping practice, which unites product managers, business line executives, and UX leaders, you will have a solution strategy with the best chance for success.

Focusing on creating a valuable, pleasurable, and functional experience in this effort, Magenic can deliver the following results for your team.

This is the point where your team is closest to execution, so the solution and path to success will become quite clear.

If you’re ready to pursue a more cohesive and structured approach to digital strategy development, we’re ready to help.


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