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Managing internal development projects requires many resources and diverse sets of talent.

Even the most innovative companies can require some outside support or process optimization from time to time. When those times come, Magenic is here. With a commitment to scalability and speed, Magenic is accustomed to jumping into a client’s team as a single consultant or an implementation group to build strategic solutions that work for the business – while still minimizing development queue interruptions.

Whether your company is managing a brand new solution implementation or looking to streamline legacy operations, Magenic can provide scalable support and maintenance that saves time and can transform processes. From testing automation to customizing unique use case design, our teams can also provide more substantial support in the form of organizational training so that your business can perform essential operations with quality and speed. Whatever your support or optimization need is, we have a team for that.

Quality Assurance Solutions

When software is relied upon to create more scalable operations, the process to maintain quality can become complex. Magenic helps companies create logical strategies that automate and integrate QA so that businesses can innovate with confidence. 

User Experience Solutions

For both customer-facing and internal programs, many well-intentioned technology projects lack proper UX features to accommodate the needs of their audience. Magenic has experts in UX who understand how to manipulate backend database requirements and frontend navigation elements so that the purpose of your initiatives can be realized in practice, and not just in theory.

Support & Maintenance

When your internal resources have big priorities, let our experts handle some of the maintenance overload on your critical systems. Magenic provides ongoing strategic support and maintenance as well as documentation and training for companies preoccupied with other bigger and more pressing development matters

The support methodology provided by Magenic resulted in a 72% reduction in defects by clarifying requirements and avoiding duplication and a 100% defect resolution within 10 weeks of creation. – Financial Transaction Company Case Study

To keep your business’ technology up and properly operational at all times, you can call in reinforcements from Magenic to provide expert support and maintenance for many types of issues. We offer strategic advice, not just software patches, so that your company can operate successfully and with an eye on the future. Ready to get started?

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Quality Assurance

Automated Document Complexity Creating Turnover

A financial service organization began efforts to automate commercial loan documents, yet complex business logic made it difficult for QA staff and created extraordinary employee turnover. Creating a test case was the first step, yet was delaying the entire project…

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UX Optimization

Outdated Ecommerce Website Lacking Sophistication

A major online retailer managed 1.2 million SKUs for 150 showrooms with a limited online product search capability. Looking to bring their online offering into the forefront of online retailing technology, they had a 45 person catalog team eager to upgrade their legacy system…

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Support & Maintenance

New Venture Requiring New Changes to Process

A large Midwest marketing firm was breaking away from their parent company and needed a new business intelligence solution that would accommodate their new business needs. Their choices required custom integration and unique training for maintenance staff…

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Quality Assurance

Updated Online Storefront Lacked Backend Support

A global Ecommerce leader was updating their online storefront and realized their internal testing resources could not accommodate the critical project. The client needed a vendor who could support testing while keeping the timeline and requirements on track…

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Quality Assurance

Out of the Box CRM Automation Not Up to Task

An enterprise business software provider was struggling to properly test a new feature that would make their service much more desirable to their customers. The client’s existing testing procedure was limited in ability and usability, so they needed a custom testing solution…

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Quality Assurance

Siloed Development Processes Prohibiting Production

One of the world’s largest financial transaction companies was lacking productive direction and process on a critical QA project. They had difficulty coordinating quality, development, business and other teams across global sites in multiple cities…

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